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Leanne Nicole V.

Chief Marketing Officer


Let's capture the moments.

From the second she was handed her very own camera at a young age, Leanne Nicole fell in love with capturing moments. She had always been drawn to the idea of holding onto specific memories, but the introduction of a camera in her life suddenly opened her eyes to a new way of storytelling.

Leanne fell in love with all the different aspects of filmmaking and how each job plays a particular role in the intricate ticking gears that ultimately create a movie into a story. While editing something together piece by piece, she quickly learned that storytelling has the power to truly affect people and transport them into a whole new reality.

Leanne learned that through the power of storytelling and sharing moments she is able to change people’s perspectives while still entertaining. Having graduated ArtCenter College of Design Leanne Nicole has truly been able to achieve this whether it is through directing, writing, or her first love: editing.

Connect with me.

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Previous Biography

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